Since 2005 Google has been warning us about unsafe web browsing and poor website security.

In November 2016 Google actioned a special taskforce “Protecting users from repeatedly dangerous sites” and setup a Repeat Offender Policy.
While it clearly states they are hunting down scam sites that target fraud etc.. then clean their site up to get cleared and have their search results unmarked from the warnings Google puts on your result, then clearly reverts back to their fraudulent practices, there is always a chance that if you are a repeat victim of website hacking you could be innocently seen as a repeat offender and find that your penalised site will stay penalised a lot longer than it should be. The first repeat offence stops webmasters from requesting a review to clear the site for 30 days and I would imagine further repeat offences may lengthen that period even further.

Avoid Mistaken Identity and Tighten Up Your Website Security

We suggest you consider securing your wordpress website with our Advanced Security Suite PRO for your Website for your own peace of mind, not to mention the fact that if your website stays clear of hacking then there is zero chance of your site being mistakenly identified as a scam site and you being exiled from Googles search results.

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