The Power of Local Citations

One of the best things you can do for your local business whether it is brand new or established is to get listed in some well known Australian citation sites. What are citation sites? Basically they are online business directories where your listing sits and talks about your business as well as has a link back to your business website. So the online business directory is “citing” your business.

Why is that good for your business? It’s good because it validates that your business is real and that you have a point of contact. When Google looks at your website, it looks for your Name, Address and Phone Number. Google then looks on the web for any mentions of your business and checks if the Name, Address and Phone Number is the same as your business website. This validates your business and opens up the doors for your business to be listed in local search. The better and more good citations then the better your local search results.

Download our Citation Listing document by clicking the document imageĀ at the foot of this section, complete it and send it back to us with your content collection.
The Citation Listing document gathers all the details about your business, especially Name, Address and Phone Number, so your business can not only rank better in local search but also gain traffic (web visitors) from the local citation sites. It’s a win, win.

Click the document icon below to download the Citation Listing document.

Click to Download Citation Listing Document.