There are many reasons why your website is under-performing, and I should point out that we have even had brand new websites brought to us because even though the client had paid out a large amount of money their local business website just couldn’t be found in Google searches. One of the biggest urban myths is that if you build on WordPress then your site is search engine friendly. This is totally misrepresented because the fact is that WordPress is a search engine friendly platform IF it is setup correctly, but unfortunately most “website developers” assume that because they build on WordPress their website build is search engine friendly and then there are the¬†shysters out there that promote search engine friendly websites knowing full well they have done nothing themselves to make it search engine friendly and blatantly make the claim and will happily blame WordPress if challenged about the friendliness of the site.

What I can tell you is that no matter where your website is under-performing we will get to the bottom of it.
I know we can help you.
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